Kal’Hirol: a Dwarven place in Dragon Age ‘Awakening’

Rest easy. Dwarves are being represented in Dragon Age expansion “Awakening.” In a recent “World Update” on the expansion’s official site, we’re introduced to the Amaranthine fortress known as Kal’Hirol, a “long known as a center of learning” for dwarven smiths.

According to the update, which also brought us several images, this is something of a typical Dragon Age dwarven dwelling. Kal-Hirol is a fallen, stony place that we’ll no doubt poke around in, and then kill plenty of weird crap in, once the expansion hits this March. Heads up: bring a rogue or something. If the mines in the Origins taught me anything, it’s that Dwarves really like to lock all their treasure chests.

Dragon Age Origins | World [Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening official site, via Kotaku]

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