Justify yourself: Convince me that Sonic 4 is sh*t

Ever since Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was announced, the cynicism, derision and outright venom from fans has been pouring in like a monsoon of Internet teenage angst. Forum threads, blog comments, even podcast rants from industry professionals, have all bagged on Sonic 4, and I’ve noticed a theme with each tirade.

All they ever seem to say is, “It’s shit.”

You might get the occasional attempt at a nonsensical argument like “His legs are wrong” or “I don’t like the animation” but so far, there have been no valid gameplay arguments to justify merely writing the game off as shit. And that’s usually all anybody says, without feeling the need to back up their statement. 

So, I’m asking those who have confidently written the game off before its release to justify themselves. Bearing in mind I’ve actually played some of Sonic 4, I ask you to convince me why I’m wrong for enjoying what I’ve seen and give me a real reason for calling the game crap. None of this “his eyes are green” stupidity — I want a valid argument that the core gameplay of Sonic 4 is inherently bad. 

If you can give me a convincing argument, one that I can’t beat, I’ll give you a prize. So justify yourself.

Jim Sterling