Just in time! Steam’s Halloween sale has started

October 28 to November 1

I typically like to consume all manner of horror media throughout the month of October. The weather is changing and if I’m going to stay inside, I might as well freak myself out with spooky scary things. It just feels right. But this year, there hasn’t been a major new horror game (that I’ve latched onto, anyway) in time for Halloween aside from maybe Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. To the backlog we go!

The Steam Halloween sale is now live, and you’ll find games like Condemned: Criminal Origins ($3.73), Soma ($11.99), Dead Space 1 and 2 ($4.99 each), Layers of Fear ($9.99), and Oxenfree ($4.99).

Come to think of it, I should totally get that last one! There are movies, too. Lots of movies.

Halloween Sale [Steam]

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