Just Cause 4 explodes onto Xbox Game Pass

And Fallout wanders back

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now download Rico Rodriguez’s latest adventures. As is Rico’s modus operandi, there’s a lot of adrenaline and explosions.

Just Cause 4 was added to Xbox Game Pass today, a mere three months after it initially launched. It’s not the best of the series, but it’s definitely the most recent. Anyone who’s intrigued but hasn’t yet pulled the trigger might be best served to check it out through Game Pass.

There are a trio of other additions in the short-term. Fallout 4 is back on Xbox Game Pass on March 14. It was actually introduced to the library back at E3 2018, but was removed at some point. Also making appearances are LEGO Batman 2 (March 6) and F1 2018 (March 14).

It’s not the most exciting collection, but there might be something more exhilarating in the Game Pass pipeline. Xbox is hosting another Inside Xbox episode on March 12, and it promises Xbox Game Pass news. Suspense!

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass – Just Cause 4, LEGO Batman 2, and More [Xbox Wire]

Brett Makedonski
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