Just Cause 3 has Super Monkey Ball style challenge mode

Also wonton destruction, natch

Curious: does anyone pronounce Just Cause like Just ‘Cuz? Just wondering. Why? Just ’cause. Hah. But seriously. I know some of you must’ve started with that pronunciation and it stuck, right? I mean, it works, too. That was the point.

Anyway, wingsuited Rico is channeling his Ai Ai here with some flight-based challenge modes. There are also destruction-based modes, of course. This is the extent I got to mess with Just Cause 3 at gamescom and it was underwhelming at a first hands-on, but I’m a mess about, “make your own fun” kinda cat and these challenges were just, like, stifling my creativity, man.

They’ll sate the obsessive task-doers and list-finishers among you, I’m sure. Meanwhile I will be riding a car through the sky wearing sunglasses indoors. Why?

Just ’cause.

Steven Hansen