Just Cause 2: Everything is better with a grappling hook

I think we can all agree on one thing — all games could benefit from a grappling hook. Think about it: If Patapon or, say, Planet Puzzle League had a grappling hook optio those would be better games. Right?

The development team behind Just Cause 2 gets this, and have taken the grappling hook from the first title and mounted it to the arm of the game’s protagonist. Some neat things you can do with it include attaching soldiers to passing jets, or using pieces of a broken statue as a wrecking ball. Want to attach two soldiers together and then hang them from a roof? You can do these things, because… why not? 

Video of the game in action actually has me pretty worked up to give all of this a try, from the helicopter hanging to attaching soldiers to lamp posts. Ben had a chance to check out the game recently, and we’ll have a full preview up on Friday.

In the meantime, just think of all they nasty stuff you could do a with grappling hook, and laugh.

Nick Chester