Just a dolphin sim, or the greatest game that has ever been created?

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Look, I like dolphins …

And who doesn’t? I know I am not the only one who wants to befriend those majestic creatures of the sea and travel with them to their undersea kingdom, right? Right?

Meh, forget you all then. I guess that means I am going to be the only person to enjoy the latest attempt to jump on the Nintendo DS pet-simulator bandwagon, I Love Dolphin (yes, apparently your heart only has room for one dolphin).

***SPOILER WARNING*** In I Love Dolphin you are in charge of raising your own pet dolphin. Feed it and dolphin is happy. Do not feed it and dolphin is sad. Make it really happy and it will learn new, er, tricks. ***END SPOILER***

Unfortunately, publisher Starfish only has plans to release this gem-to-be in Japan at the end of the summer: news that made this guy cry a little bit on the inside (and by ‘inside’ I mean outside).

Is this game a complete rip-off of Nintendogs? Oh yeah. Does it have almost no chance of ever reaching our dolphin-slaughtering shores? Pretty much. But do I want it more than any other game this year? Um, yes.

Check out the below gallery for first screens. I know, hold back your excitement.

[Thank you, my love]

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