Juicy details on MonkeyPaw’s BurgerTime HD

MonkeyPaw games has been quite generous these past few months. They’ve brought us 14 import PlayStation games, many of which have been on our Do Want lists for quite awhile. The good news is that there’s more imports to come. For now they’re doing something a bit different. Something more meaty.

They’re trying to evolve retro with this new release, BurgerTime HD. Surely you remember the burger stacking game play. That stays, but now they’ve added a Rotary Environmental System, allowing cylindrical 3D levels to rotate around a center axis and the player to build burgers around the circumference. That sounds insane. And delicious. 

In this new version there’s 40 levels, four bosses, four-player local and online play, avatars, leaderboards, trophies and more. God, I’m hungry!

BurgerTime HD is slated to come this summer as a digital download. For now there’s a teaser page with screenshots

Dale North