Juggernaut is strong, can hurt people in MUA 2

Fact: Juggernaut can’t read. If the metal-clad bruiser knew we missed his appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 at San Diego Comic-Con, Destructoid would no longer exist. Another fact: Juggernaut has the strength of forty elephants. With that kind of power he could punch through his computer screen, through the Internet, and thump our servers.  But print isn’t his thing, thus we can bring the video of Juggernaut in action below the fold.

As many of you should know — especially those eying the exciting follow-up to the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance — Juggernaut is a GameStop pre-order bonus character for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We don’t know if he’ll ever be a paid download, so if you fancy the thick-necked villain it’s probably a good idea to suck it up and give your coin to the bastion of civilization.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Not Fusion
hits this September.

Brad BradNicholson