Jug Hero: Yeah I don’t know either

That incorrigible “-hero” suffix is at it again, and much like its “-punk” cousin, is turning up in the strangest of places. While the fashioning of instruments from saliva-smeared bottles is usually the domain of toothless, overalls-clad bumpkins boldly wielding shotguns and inhabiting Deliverance-esque backwaters, the trend of turning any instrument at hand into a music sim has triumphed over this unjust assumption with Jug Hero. Seriously, even I can’t make this kind of thing up.

Kevin Lim and Shawna Hein, the creators of Jug Hero, claim to have created the game out of a desire for “a more collaborative play dynamic in music games”, but the numerous empty bottles of Mississippi Mud seemingly vital to the game’s existence may betray their true intentions. Jug Hero and all the embarrassingly explicit facial contortions it requires will be at this year’s Maker Faire. Those of you in the Bay Area owe it to yourselves to go and have a look at this bold new evolution in the genre of music sims.

[Via MAKE — Thanks, Gynecologist Cobra!] 

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