JP PSN gets Chrono Cross as a Twitter follower reward

To celebrate the 20,000 follower mark for the Square Enix Members Twitter, Square Enix is releasing one of my favorite PS1 RPGs in Japan for their PSN Game Archives line up, Chrono Cross. Andria Sang says that Producer Shinji Hashimoto, who manages the Square Enix Members Twitter, announced thethat Chrono Cross was coming to the Japan PSN today, but did not share a download time frame.

Square Enix says that there’s another present to celebrate the 20,000 followers. We don’t know what it is yet, but it will be something other than a downloadable game.

Hey, Square Enix. Forget counting followers in one territory. What’s the hold up? You like money, don’t you? Get these games up on PSN worldwide! We’ll buy ’em!

Dale North