Joylancer, the love letter to the Game Boy, will hit Early Access in October 26th

Watch the trailer if you love retro games

[Update: the Steam listing page is live right now.]

Joylancer has been on my radar for quite a while now. It’s an independent production that seeks to recreate the great feeling of the Game Boy era, with a solid platforming and combat engine to boot. Although pre-orders have been live on the game’s site for a while, there hasn’t been any word on a full release — until now.

The developer has just sent us word that it will be hitting Early Access on October 26th on Steam. Development will continue throughout October with more updates, with a target of a full release in January. Free post-release updates are planned. It’ll be priced at $10 for Early Access, with a pricepoint of “$15-20” for January.

Why early access? According to the team, “Early Access will allow us to bring players an extended taste of what the final version of Joylancer will be like, using a variety of experimental modes and tweaks and designing around comments and suggestions from players. Joylancer on Early Access also means that we’ll be able to get some money coming in to help with further development of the game, allowing us to take it to even better places than before.”

In addition to a new trailer, the upcoming build of the game will feature more levels, modes, and enemies, including a horde mode, and a higher difficulty level that requires you to beat the game in one life. You can keep up with the development process here.

Chris Carter
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