Joust: The Movie?

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News of the newly announced Joust movie deal sounds more like a ball buster than a blockbuster.

As hard as it is to imagine, a movie based on the early 1980’s arcade game Joust is currently in the making. Don’t feel bad if you can’t produce a mental image of flying ostriches and emu colliding on the big screen — we can’t either.

GameDaily reports that Hollywood production company CP Productions is working on an adaptation of the Midway Games’ classic, which is set 25 years in the future and will include a floating Las Vegas. Producer Michael Cerenzie says that we can expect “Gladiator meets Mad Max.” 

“Joust is an arcade game that’s as old as Pac-Man and has global awareness,” said Cerenzie. “We took one element of the game and the brand itself and built a whole new world around it for the film.”

A graphic novel based on the film is already in the works, and Midway Games is already looking into releasing a new game franchise based on the work. 

The movie is expected to be wrapped up by June 2008, and the movie (as well as really large eggs) should drop soon after.

[Via GameDaily — thanks, Justin] 


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