Journeys hits, offers unlockable Dragon Age Origins items

Orzammar’s Dark Spawn issue can now be fixed. Kind of. Vicious blights critical to the narrative of another game — a much bigger game, mind you — tend to not be crushed in supplemental material. It’s just common sense. But, hey, Dragon Age Journeys, the 2D flash-based game we told you about ten centuries ago, is almost available over at the game’s official Web site.

Don’t just write it off if, especially if you’re hot for Dragon Age: Origins. In the announcement release this morning, EA mentioned that people who play this first chapter of Journeys would be rewarded with unlocked items in Origins.

We’ve got nothing to add re: the items — the release was vague and the recent Q&A isn’t much better. But we do know there are three items that can be unlocked if players sign in to their EA accounts while playing Journeys. Hip, if you’re down for this introduction to Origins.

Brad BradNicholson