Journey gets all emotional on PS4 in two weeks

Free for those who own it on PS3

Journey has been a staple of everyone’s PlayStation 3 indie catalog for the past three years. In a scant two weeks, it’ll be that exact same fixture except on PS4. They grow up so fast.

Sony and thatgamecompany have announced that Journey is finally making its way to PS4 on July 21. To commemorate the occasion, they released this launch trailer (“launch” used very loosely) wherein a lot of nice folks said a lot of nice things about the game.

While this gives users who switched platforms this generation a chance to experience one of the best PlayStation exclusives, it won’t come at any extra cost for those who have already purchased it once. Journey is part of the Cross-Buy program, meaning that it can be downloaded for free on PS4 if you’ve already purchased it on PS3. The emotions and saving are running high.

Brett Makedonski
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