Journey deserts Epic exclusivity, wanders to Steam in June

Winds of change

Journey still has some gas in the tank. Eight years after it first launched on PlayStation 3, it’s coming to the world’s most popular PC games distributor.

Earlier today, Journey got a Steam store page. This masterpiece from thatgamecompany is set to land on Steam on June 11, 2020. That’s just a bit more than a year after Journey first released on PC via the Epic Games Store. The main draw for the PC version is 4K resolution support.

It remains to be seen whether the Steam release replicates Epic’s pricing strategy. When Journey first hit Epic, it was priced at $5. That’s a $10 launch discount off the normal tag of $15. The Steam version isn’t yet available to buy; it can only be wishlisted.

Regardless, Journey stands as one of the most resolute and timeless of indie games from the last decade. Now, even more people will have the opportunity to experience it.

Journey [Steam]

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