Jonathan Blow’s pee in a bottle

‘Developer stuff’ is a good tag here

Jonathan Blow, developer of soon-to-be-released The Witness, has resorted to peeing in a bottle. Or, he insinuates that at least. This is a bottle with what looks to be a good amount of urine in it, along with the caption “Here is another thing I helped to make.”

This was posted on the Internet by Blow today because, well, I guess I’m not really sure. It’s probably meant to allude to the fact that he doesn’t have time to run to the restroom, but c’mon, man. How long does it take to hook a catheter up? Longer than a quick piss break, I’d wager. More uncomfortable, too.

If it is pee, at least it’s healthy-looking pee. It’s obvious that Blow hasn’t taken to downing energy drinks by the gallon to finish up his game. Kidney health is important, kids.

@Jonathan_Blow [Twitter]

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