Johnny Gat is back in Agents of Mayhem as pre-order DLC


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Daniel Dae Kim may be famous for his roles on Lost and Hawaii Five-O, but to me, he will always be Johnny Gat. His performance as the mad dog leader of the Saints in the Saints Row series has become so ubiquitous that I almost can’t separate the two. Imagine if Kim actually was that psychopathic or narcissistic in real life.

In a fitting bit of tribute, Deep Silver has announced that Gat will be available in Agents of Mayhem if you pre-order the game from GameStop (or Steam for PC). Ugh, pre-order culture and all, but at least Gat looks great.

Along with Gat comes Lazarus, a robotic humanoid that represents the next step in human evolution…or something. I don’t know, her backstory is just as crazy as this game looks. She is available to all digital pre-orders of the game (whereas Gat is for physical copies).

There isn’t a trailer available for her, but she seems okay. I mean, she’s not Johnny Gat, but then no one is.

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