John Boyega’s trying to get EA to make a single-player Battlefront campaign

No, EA, the missions don’t count as a campaign

Turns out that guy from Breaking Benjamin isn’t the only person disappointed with Star Wars: Battlefront.

John Boyega, of a single episode of Law and Order: UK, Attack the Block, and that 24 miniseries fame, has taken to Twitter to criticise the game’s lack of a single-player campaign:

Any of the other fifty gajillion people asking EA about a campaign would probably just be ignored. But when the god damn star of Da Brick pops up in your mentions, you generally need to take notice. That’s exactly what EA did by inviting Boyega (or rather, letting him invite himself, because he is awesome) to its UK offices:

Nothing will come of this, so don’t get too excited. EA has already said that it is focusing on the original trilogy for Battlefront, and Peter Moore has previously claimed that people don’t play single-player campaigns in this sort of game anymore.

I don’t think anyone, even John Boyega, star of Imperial Dreams, could convince them to make an incredibly expensive single-player campaign, as nice as it would be. Nonetheless, a Battlefront 2 campaign where Finn, Poe, and Rey go and wreck literally everyone’s shit with campy laser noises would be absolutely amazing.

Oh, and it turns out Boyega is also a leading role in The Force Awakens. What a coincidence!

Even Finn Wants A Star Wars: Battlefront Singleplayer Campaign [Kotaku]

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