Joe Danger ain’t afraid of sharks, boxing gloves

Following yesterday’s reveal, Hello Games has sent us some screenshots of its work-in-progress stunt-racing title, Joe Danger

The game places daredevil Joe Danger in 50 different events, where he’ll have to hop over buses or pools of bloodthirsty sharks, or attempt record-breaking wheelies. In addition to these events, the game features mini-games, a puzzle mode, and a level-editor that can be accessed at any time — Hello Games tells us to think LittleBigPlanet for tormenting your stuntman friends. Because they deserve it. 
No platforms have been confirmed for Joe Danger, but it will be a downloadable title, so it’s anyone’s guess. We hope to get some hands-on time with Joe Danger soon, and we hope it involves sharks, boxing gloves, broken glass, and crazy ramps.
Nick Chester