Joanna Dark’s motion capture actor was stabbed with sticks

And more fun making Perfect Dark

I never liked Perfect Dark as much as GoldenEye, but it had its legion of fans, and this Did You Know Gaming episode is easily worth watching, no matter where you fall on the issue.

One of the game’s designers, Duncan Botwood, was chosen to actually play the character in the original by way of mocap. He wore high heels, an experience he ultimately deemed “not a good memory.” He was also poked and prodded with sticks to illicit reactions in-game, and grabbed and dragged with rope for action scenes (where staff would say he would be pulled “on three” and then pull him on “one.”

They also explain the mystery of the hidden piece of cheese in every level, and the ill-fated face-scanning technology. I think I might go back and play the remaster!

Chris Carter
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