Jimpressions: Dragon Quest IX

As many of you know, Dragon Quest IX was released in North America today. I’ve had the game for the past several days and have been loving it, but as you might imagine, Dragon Quest IX is as huge as it is fun. That means it’s very, very huge. The review is coming, but yours truly is nowhere near deep enough in the game. Just look at all the problems I have:

  1. I need to kill three metal slimes after gaining max tension
  2. I’ve got a Warrior that needs retraining after I changed vocations
  3. My priest needs a new hat
  4. My mage needs a new pair of knickers
  5. I need to stop laughing at all the dreadful puns (Master of Nu’Un, haha)

As you can see, I’m in a dire situation, and have been playing my DS until the batteries die, charging up, and doing it again for the past few days! The review will come ASAP, but in the meantime I thought it only right to share some quick Jimpressions, so here they are:

Game’s f*cking awesome. F*cking get it. F*ck.

Jim Sterling