Jigsaw puzzles still rule, but maybe this Mario puzzle kinda sucks

You could be the Super Mario Maker

Late last year, I persuasively argued that jigsaw puzzles are extremely cool. My rhetoric was so sound that I was even cited in some generic local news blog thing with quotes that I definitely didn’t say. I’m probably the foremost authority now.

That’s why you should believe me when I tell you that this Super Mario jigsaw puzzle seems lame as hell. Look at this fuckin’ thing. Conservatively, it’s probably 60 percent red. What a pain in the ass.

Now, maybe you, ever the glass-half-fuller, look at this and see a challenge. “600 red pieces! That’ll be fun and not even a little bit obnoxious,” you convince yourself, dumbly. Good for you. It’s currently $7 at GameStop and this seems like a tremendous value in terms of United States dollars paid compared to hours frustratingly wasted because there’s too much goddamn red. (Experts call this ratio USD:HFWBTTMGR.)

It’s too bad that the first intersection of video games and jigsaw puzzles I’ve chosen to examine is so weak on the video game front. My fault, probably. To make up for it, here are a bunch of actually-good jigsaw puzzles that I found by doing a Google image search for “hella kickass jigsaw puzzles.”

Super Mario Ready for Action Puzzle – Only at GameStop [GameStop]

Brett Makedonski
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