Jewelry store offering Nintendo Switch to customers who overspend on useless gems

I love a good bargain

These are crazy times we live in. Monkeys are riding dogs, strange creatures are appearing as sports team mascots, and jewelry companies are appealing to gamers by offering up Nintendo Switches for purchasing their overpriced relics of forgotten luxury.

As part of their bid to make more money than we’ll ever see this holiday season, if you spend more than $1,200 at Helzberg Diamonds before December 24, you will receive a Nintendo Switch as a bonus. Helzberg wants to say you’re getting it for free but I just can’t justify that word when you need to spend more than I make in a month to get it.

This isn’t the first time that Helzberg has pulled a stunt like this either. Last year they offered an Xbox One X to customers who spent more than $1,000 so I’m guessing the promotion worked out well enough for them to do it again? The difference here is that last year the Xbox One X was nary a month old, cost more, and you had to spend less. Whereas this year the Switch is pushing two-years-old and is selling like gangbusters. Maybe they are expecting you to want to dazzle your beloved so much that you can sneak off and ledge fish as Isabelle in Smash Ultimate. Who knows?

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Anthony Marzano
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