Jesse Jackson dismisses the ‘games cause violence’ debate

Can’t say I agree with the Rev. Jesse Jackson on a whole lot of things, but he’s making sense when he talks about the media and its apparent influence on crime. While he does not rule out a link (after all, violent people do like violent movies and games) he has dismissed the possibility that videogames can be blamed, instead suggesting that economics are what drive violence.

Speaking at a conference chaired by game-hater and corrupt, lying idiot Keith Vaz, Jackson refuted the idea that games are evil. This contradicts the views of Keith “I abuse my position for favors from scumbags” Vaz himself. 

“Those who grow drugs in Afghanistan – they don’t listen to music,” he says, illustrating the point that the Taliban banned a lot of entertainment, and that never stopped violence in the Middle East. “There is some link. Is art imitating life, is life imitating art? We want artists not to use their skills to desensitize people … but the economic impact of life options determines whether one is headed up or down.”

Jackson’s sentiments are captured perfectly by the case most pursued by Mr. Vaz. The corrupt politician jumped on the murder of Stephan Pakeerah by Warren LeBlanc, blaming the violent videogame Manhunt. However, it later transpired that the murder was a result of LeBlanc’s mugging attempt, and didn’t emulate Rockstar’s controversial title. 

Lying idiot Keith Vaz still clings onto his disproven notion to this very day, but I have to say that Jackson makes a much more convincing argument.

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