Jenny McCarthy has a fitness game now?!

Okay, when Daisy Fuentes’ fitness game was announced, I sort of shrugged it off. I mean, apart from an excuse to talk about Daisy Fuentes, something I rarely get an opportunity to do any longer, there’s just not a lot there that interests me. But now that Ubisoft has announced the release of a Wii exercise title featuring Jenny McCarthy this holiday season, I’m starting to notice a disturbing trend.

How many of these former MTV celebrities are going to get games made? Am I going to have to be on the lookout for a Dan Cortese game? Will there be a game where Kurt Loder teaches me how to be casually aloof while reporting news from a swivel chair? How long until Pauly Shore graces the cover of a game claiming to eliminate any sense of shame you may have? Slippery slopes, people. Slippery slopes.

To McCarthy’s credit, she’s done a pretty good job of transitioning into more mature fare than her raunchy sketch comedy show and co-hosting duties on Singled Out. She’s a mommy now, one who has published several books on kids and autism, and a fitness fiend who recently became the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. But, to me, she’ll always be the spunky, wild Miss October, 1993.

Hit the jump to see a video with Jenny explaining her game. 

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