Jeff Minter set to torment … I mean dazzle us with another XBLA game

Yeah, I don’t know either. It would seem Space Giraffe mastermind Jeff Minter was unsatisfied with the reception his Tempest ripoff with llama sounds other XBLA title received, so he’s put on his tie-dyed apron and popped another suckcake into the oven for us.

It’s called Gridrunner +++, and it’s headed for Xbox Live Arcade at some point. There’s no word on a release date yet, but I’d venture to guess it will fall somewhere between “Too Soon’s eve” and “Oh God, why? Day.” Also, yes, it’s really called Gridrunner +++.

The screenshot above shows a ship with a … flaming goat-man thing in the background, and that’s all I care to know about it. Interested parties can check out some more screens here, but I should warn you that the link is going to take you to Jeff Minter’s Livejournal.

His screen name is Stinkygoat. 

[Via GamerBytes – Thanks but no thanks, Buster]

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