‘Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is coming to Stadia’ is one of the weirdest headlines I’ve written all year

It’s still ‘coming soon’ just like the other versions

So, Stadia announced a bunch of games today that are coming to the platform as part of the “Stadia Makers” program, and one caught my eye. Snoochie boochies!

The dynamic duo of Jay and Silent Bob are back in beat ’em up form, with Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. So as I intimated in the header, Chronic Blunt Punch has been around for a while: it’s not a brand new Stadia exclusive thing. It was funded on Fig in 2016, and is currently “in its final development push” according to developer Interabang Entertainment. In case you’re confused, this is not the Mall Brawl retro-tinted game that was released in late 2020.

Also note that this is still “coming soon,” as it’s been billed for quite some time. We didn’t get any new hard information on the release date today, so hopefully the final push line is correct, and everything goes smoothly for an actual soon, and not Blizzard soon ™ launch.

I also wanted to showcase this game to talk about how much I appreciate that folks are holding water for the beat ’em up genre. I mean Battletoads just came out, Streets of Rage 4 rocked, and now we have Turtles revival. Oh and that Asterix project. Is it 3AM in the Big Apple, or am I dreaming?

So how has ol’ Kevin been doing lately? Well, he just helped his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, get her vegan podcast off the ground, and appeared as a presenter in The Last Blockbuster documentary. He’s also working on a horror anthology flick called Killroy Was Here, and is in the planning phases of Clerks 3.

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