Japanese twitter reveals details on Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion

Modes, clothes, music and more

Last week, during their Direct presentation, Nintendo announced a huge expansion pack coming to their arena-shooter Splatoon 2. Courtesy of the game’s Japanese twitter, there’s some fun new info related to the Octo Expansion’s features.

The story expansion features all-new character “Agent 8”, who awakens in a mysterious laboratory with only a hazy recollection of her identity. Players will control Agent 8 as she makes her way through the strange, dreamlike landscape, aided by her pal Cap’n Cuttlefish, and on radio by Off the Hook’s Marina and Pearl, rocking their 2Pac/Biggie Smalls cosplay.

Octo Expansion
will features 80 new missions of varying difficulty. Players will also be able to call on Off the Hook should they get stuck, allowing them to skip the tougher parts of the adventure.

Once the story is complete, players will be able to select Octoling Boy or Octoling Girl in regular play. The change is in visual aesthetics only, as Octolings and Inklings will share stats and weaponry. The DLC will also feature a new range of clothing and gear to keep your chosen squid kid looking sharp on the battlefield.

It’s a fun looking expansion, it will be good to get some more single-player content out there, as well as providing a bit more variety for multiplayer. Of course, the opportunity for more Marina and Pearl is never a bad thing. You can check out the original twitter posts here. (Thanks to Siliconera for translations.)

Octo Expansion launches for Splatoon 2 on Switch this Summer.

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