Japanese suicide rate set spike, Capcom making Ultimate Ghosts N’ Goblins harder

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Start drawing your warm baths now, guys. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but come this August, Japanese gamers will be receiving an updated, more difficult version of Ultimate Ghosts N’ Goblins for the Sony PSP. Anyone who’s had the fortune (or misfortune) to have played the game is probably wondering … how on Earth could this frustrating, PSP-smasher of a game get any harder?

For one, how about limiting continues? Yeah, because you’re not going to need those when one freakin’ bird (who appears randomly from off-screen) knocks you into a chasm … 17 times in a row. But let’s say you’re actually skilled and patient enough to make your way to the game’s end. Congratulations, but too bad … like previous games in the series, the “true” ending will only be available after completing the game twice. Sucker.

Other changes include charged magic attacks (a la Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts), a double jump ability unlocked from the get-go, some new weapons, and the ability to play each stage out of order.

The Famitsu report that revealed the updated title, called Goku Makaimura Kai (which roughly translates to “this s**t’s impossible”), also comes with instructions on how to tie your own noose. No word on a US release, but we all know Americans are lazy wimps who couldn’t handle this kind of pressure.

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