Japanese subway playing Final Fantasy music for 30th anniversary


Unlike Nintendo unto Metroid, Square Enix is keen on celebrating Final Fantasy‘s 30th anniversary (it barely missed the cut in December of 1987, but it counts!), as tons of festivities have already been rolled out over in Japan.

One little tribute involves jingles playing at Japanese subway stations, including victory fanfare and the main theme. These are located over at the Yokohama subway station if you’re a Tokyo native, and will run until July 7.

With all of the ups and downs the series has had (mostly ups, really), I’m glad it’s still around. While everyone has an affinity toward a specific game that impacted their life in some way, I’d like to think that all of them from the first to XI, skipping over to XIV (gasp) and into XV (double gasp), were memorable during some stage in my life.

Chris Carter
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