Japanese students in Hiroshima panty-flash shenanigans

The only reason I took this story was for that headline.

Anyway, here are a pair of Japanese students doing a little dance to a tune from Xbox 360-bound erotic game TimeLeap. The video has caused quite a stir in its homeland since the girls are dancing and (and incidentally exposing their underthings) in front of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, a landmark commemorating the loss of thousands of lives. For some strange reason, people have taken offense to it. 

The girls, hailing from Nagasaki University, have apologized for their mischief but the cheeky dancing has sparked outrage from some of their fellow citizens. If there’s one lesson to be learned from the whole scandal, I think it’s this: If you dance to erotic theme tunes in front of landmarks commemorating national tragedies, it may upset some people.

A lesson, I think, that we can all learn from.

Jim Sterling