Japanese Square Enix members get Moogle mug, America gets nothing

What do Japanese Final Fantasy fans have to do to get this ultra-happy Moogle mug for their morning beverage needs? It’s simple, really: they have to be members of the Japanese Square-Enix website, and they have to fill out a survey. Sure, there are only 100 mugs, but at least you have a chance to get one if you enter (details over at Famitsu for those of you lucky enough to be in Japan).

You know, Square … I don’t even want anything fancy. A silly little Moogle pen or a Chocobo passport holder (says “Kweh!” when you go through customs) is all I really would ask for. It’s just that Japan gets everything from freaking Chocobo seat cushions to life-size Cactaur body pillows. Don’t the gaijin buy enough of your games? Can’t we have SOMETHING half as cool as this?

[Via GoNintendo — Thanks, Brian]

Colette Bennett