Japanese SJWs are carpet bombing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 user reviews

This coordinated op has already dropped DOAX3 to 2 stars

Dead or Alive Extreme 3: Fortune is an objectively excellent game, that much is not up for debate. This is despite the fact that Jed “Jed!” Whitaker reviewed it here and found it to have earned only 1.5 out of 10 points because of re-used assets, cut content that was present in past iterations, as well as the addition of microtransactions and grind-heavy gameplay.

But because Dead or Alive Extreme 3: Fortune is good, actually, thanks to its strong convictions with regards to being a game about titillation, we know that Jed was just trolling for hits. Unfortunately, this outstanding video game isn’t even safe from “user reviews.”

You’ll note that I put user reviews in “scare quotes.” That’s because the Japanese branch of the SJW (that’s “social justice warrior”) hive mind seems to have turned its sights on the game’s “user review” section on Amazon Japan. There are 114 at time of writing. Upset about Dead or Alive Extreme 3: Fortune‘s righteous boobage and overall high quality, these dainty cucks are carpet bombing the game’s review section, having dropped the aggregate all the way down to two (2) stars out of five (5) with absolute nonsense reviews, like:


I can’t make head nor tail of this SJW-scrawled crappola. Are you writing a one star Amazon review of an objectively good game just to get your rocks off or are you writing a god dang English 101 paper, am I right folks? Good thing this game is actually great and anyone who has anything negative to say about it is an outraged, moralistic prig. 

Steven Hansen