Japanese sales show victory for Phantasy Star Portable, Rhythm Tengoku Gold

First day sales numbers are in from Japan, and things are looking good for fans of both the Phantasy Star and Rhythm Tengoku fanchises. Here are the hard numbers:

  • Phantasy Star Portable (PSP, SEGA) – 217,000 (90% of initial shipment)
  • Rhythm Tengoku Gold (NDS, Nintendo) – 150,000 (50% of shipment)
  • Soulcalibur IV (PS3, Bandai Namco) – 56,000
  • Soulcalibur IV (360, Bandai Namco) – 35,000 (80% of shipment)
  • Fatal Frame IV (Wii, Nintendo/Tecmo) – 21,000 (60% of shipment)
  • Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 (NDS, SNK) – 10,000

Of course, it’s not a surprise that Rhythm Tengoku Gold is selling well in Japan, as it’s about as stylistically Japanese as a game can get, but being a tremendous fan of the series I’m thrilled to see it doing so well. Phantasy Star Portable also did wonderfully, which was a surprise considering sales of other recent titles from the series have not been high.

The real test for Rhythm Tengoku Gold is to see how it fares here in the states (it will be known as Rhythm Heaven here). I implore you, if you like rhythm games, buy and support this one. You will discover a new level of DS addiction that you have never known. Soulcaliber IV is doing well too, but I assume most of you already own a copy, so I’m not going to plug that one — you already know why it’s selling well!

[Via Cubed3 — Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett