Japanese sales in March: PSP outsells all other consoles

It’s sort of funny how a Reuters article points out the Captain Obvious headline rather than the real news here.

Sony’s PlayStation Portable dominated Japanese sales in March. Reuters aims for the mainstream with their story on the difference between Wii and PS3 sales (265,542 vs 81,579 units), leaving PSP’s massive lead of 415,415 units over Nintendo DS (255,124 in March) for the geeky types.

According to Media Create numbers, the last week of March saw a big boost for the PSP, and it seems that the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 2G had something to do with it. It was the top selling title in March. In that last week, the PSP sold 129,986 units, more than doubling the DS’s 59,986 units.

The Xbox 360 continues to hang in at last place, with 13,127 units sold in the month of March, and 1,547 units sold in the last week.

Japanese gamers really like their Monster Hunter games, but the redesign and new colors are also helping to propel sales.

Dale North