Japanese RPG is all about the ‘buttole’

So Japanese game makers sometimes misspell things. It happens, right? Sometimes it’s even funnier when their misspellings sound like inappropriate words.

On the Web page for the strategy RPG Chumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai, the katakana for one of the links reads batoru. That’s “battle” to you and I. Unfortunately, their incorrect English reads BUTTOLE. Hitting the link reveals even more buttole.

Here’s some clever usage of the mispelling:

  • The buttole system looks deep.
  • No one likes a tough buttole.
  • You should equip yourself before buttole. 
  • You have been slain in buttole.

Source insertcredit makes a good point: “battle” is very commonly used in Japanese games. What happened here?

Is this the webmaster’s Fruedian slip, a reflection on how he feels about the game’s battle system? 

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