Japanese newspaper quietly retracts MGS4/360 quote … this is getting so old

Will this sad routine ever die? A rumor surfaces about Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the Xbox 360, Konami denies the rumor, we wait a few weeks, then it happens again. A Japanese newspaper attributed a quote to a Konami rep stating that the company is “actively looking into” the possibility of MGS4 on the 360. Today, that statement has been quietly retracted.

The report, which once featured the blog-sizzling quote, now contains no mention of Metal Gear Solid 4 whatsoever. Instead, a different rep is now quoted while the games mentioned are Winning Eleven 2009 and Castlevania.  

The Kabushiki business journal denies any journalistic wrongdoing with this, suggesting that the new report is a “second appearance” rather than a correction to the original. Yeah … not sure how they expect that one to fly either. As per usual, Konami is denying the whole thing. 

Not that it matters anymore. This situation is getting rather silly to the point where the story doesn’t even matter much anymore. It’s been overblown and babbled about so much by online orators that if the game ever does appear on the 360, it won’t be worth the hype and the flame wars. If you’re going to take the appearance of MGS4 on the 360 as some sort of personal console war triumph at this late stage, then you’re a sad individual. The whole thing’s ridiculous, and is getting very tiresome.

Jim Sterling