Japanese kid hacks into Nexon to steal money, motivated by fashion

Prepare yourself, readers: Your belly laugh of the day has just arrived. A Japanese sixteen year old was arrested today by the Tokyo Metropolitan police for hacking into the South Korean game company Nexon and stealing the $35k equivalent of currency for a popular MMO called Nabongi. When asked about motivation, the teen voiced his reasoning for the theft:

“I originally wanted the dress worn by the princess,” he was quoted as saying, “but I just ended up racking up a bunch of game points.”

This has to be some of the best motive yet for MMO theft. Obsession with a “gothic lolita” dress is such a winning reason  for anything really — it just takes the award home for pure ridiculousness. It also makes me want to punch irrational MMO players in the face, but that’s another rant entirely.

No consequences for the crime have been announced yet, but since the currency of Mabongi can be converted into real world currency, the crime equates to stealing real money and will be treated as such. The reports actually show that the hacking wasn’t all that difficult, as the teen used basic hacking software to do it. You hear that, Nexon? It’s easy for legions of rabid asian MMO players to worm into your system and steal money. Batten the hatches over there.

[Via NeoSeeker – Thanks, Jonathan] 

Colette Bennett