Japanese Flash game Eki Golf is hilarious, fun

I love Flash-based web games, especially the ones that come out of Japan. This new one, Eki Golf (Station’s Golf) lets you play as a balding salary man at a train station. His boredom has him hitting golf balls with an umbrella. The goal? To both swing for distance and to hit bystanders in the face with a golf ball. Brilliant, isn’t it?

The art style really sets it off. I’d buy this for a portable game system! The music is great, too. If your ball goes out of bounds, a soulful voice sings to you: “O.B. demo ii ja nai,” complete with karaoke-style lyrics at the bottom. The game is introduced in a train station over-speaker voice that’s a perfect emulation of a station announcer.

You can hit balls in the faces of everyone from a hip hop wannabe to a pizza delivery guy, all saying something silly upon contact. The bear suit guy is just asking for it. The better and more direct the swing, the more people you’ll hit in a row. Rack up the highest scores by getting multi-bystander combos.

Sound interesting? Give it a swing yourself.

[via Tokyo Mango]

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