Japanese Capcom Wii preorder goodies: chopsticks and leather card cases?

Damn! Americans sometimes get decent pre-order goodies, but gone are the (PlayStation) days of shameless promotions, plush dolls, action figures, and dildos. Okay, so I made some of that up, but Japan still sees some pretty good pre-order swag, and these new items from Capcom’s online store are pretty sweet, if not a little wierd.

Should you manage to pre-order Wii titles Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (BioHazard for the picky) or Sengoku Basura 2 at Capcom’s e-Capcom online store, you’ll be privy to either an Umbrella Corp. logo’d leather card case or a set of fancy-pants Basura-themed wooden chopsticks, complete with case. 

Both are pretty slick, though I’d really love to whip out that card case while handing out my Destructoid business cards. Capcom reps would be especially impressed.

Hit the jump for a couple of better pictures of these items.  

Dale North