Japanese Brawl-blocked by dust and tobacco

Imagine waiting in line and fighting the crowds for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, only to find that the game suffers from booting and playback problems. Don’t blame Nintendo; blame your dirty, unhealthy lifestyle.

Nintendo of Japan was forced to issue a statement, as many Smash Bros. Brawl owners complained of disc read errors and choppy video playback. It seems that Nintendo thinks the problem stems from dust and tobacco building up on Wii laser units. And if you’re wondering why we haven’t heard any prior complaints, know that Brawl is the first dual-layer DVD game release for the system, and Nintendo says these discs may be more sensitive to a dirty lens.

Believe it or not, Nintendo has offered to clean any dirty Wii systems sent to them, as they say that the procedure can’t be performed by Wii owners. Japanese users need to send in their warranty card, Wii, and their copy of Smash to recieve the free service; Nintendo will cover shipping. 

So, chain smokers and filthy people, be glad that you have a bit of heads up before the US release of this game.  

[Via IGN

Dale North