Japanese Bayonetta commercial features hot model action

Sega really isn’t shy of throwing Bayonetta assets around, and the latest is a very saucy Japanese commercial that features a “real life” Bayonetta sucking on a lollipop and saying “Jim Sterling, you are so sexy and you probably have a really big thingie so you should totally do me out and get it up me and make a damp mess everywhere.” Her words, not mine.

A few readers have been quite cynical about Bayonetta, claiming it doesn’t look all that good. Those people are wrong about everything in life, ever, and I hereby stake my reputation on this game’s quality. If Bayonetta is released and does not meet my exacting standards, then I will write a blog titled “Sony is great and PS3 fanboys are brilliant and I love them.” 

The challenge has been made. In the meantime, hit the link and watch the trailer.

[Thanks, Crunshii]

Jim Sterling