Japanese Atlus shop has Izanagi plushie and more

I’m doing everything in my power to stop myself from screaming and banging my head against the keyboard with delight right now, but you know, I’m going to try to control myself, at least while I write this post. Then I’m going to go back to screaming and dancing around. So, anyway, you see that up there? That’s an IZANAGI PLUSH from Persona 4. The things on the right are phone charms. I know, you’re salivating. Me too.

Spotted by Siliconera on the Japanese Atlus store, there are more incredible goods than you can shake a social link at. A t-shirt with the RPG boss? They’ve got that. The Raiho plushie that only comes with preorders of Devil Summoner 2? Yep, there it is. The future of my credit cards? Utterly vanquished.

Here’s the catch — you can’t order any of these goods directly, so you’ll need to create an account with a proxy service if you’re serious about getting your hands on any of it. JapantoDoor is a pretty decent one, so if you are as excited about these goods as I am, make your account and start buyin!

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