Japan: Xbox 360 flies high on the wings of Ace Combat 6, beats PS3

Pew Pew! If you’re a game news and sales stat junkie, you probably know that the Xbox 360 has never really had a strong showing in Japan, and aside from a few strong week-long spikes, its sales rank usually sits pretty low when compared to the other available consoles in Japan. Halo 3’s Japanese launch week brought on one of those spikes, but things died down quickly, and Microsoft’s console never came out on top — until now.

The new Media Create data from last week shows that Microsoft’s console was able to stick its neck out to barely overcome the PS3, moving 17,673 units compared to only 3718 the week before. The PS3 sold just a few units less, moving 17,434 in the same time.

What did the trick? It looks like the super-sexy Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation did, with the title coming in at number two on software sales charts. That’s right: as far as console sales go, this air combat game made bigger waves than Halo 3 did.

It will come as a surprise to no one that Nintendo still owns the top of the charts in Japan. In the same week, 37,617 Wii and 78,597 DS were sold. Even the PSP manages to outsell the Xbox 360 and PS3, with 59,714 sold during the same period. 

[Via Gamesindustry


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