Japan to expect an announcement from Microsoft next week?

Normally we’d do a little more poking around before we link to a link that links to a link’s link. But with Microsoft’s craptastic track record of “big” announcements, we’ll just mention this one, and then shrug our shoulders when nothing (or next to nothing) comes out of it.

It seems that Microsoft is teasing an announcement planed for next week in Japan. We know that the 2008 Game Developers Conference is next week, and Kotaku points out that the original Xbox release anniversary is coming around again, so the air is ripe with good timing.

We have no idea what this announcement could be. That’s probably a good thing, as we won’t have to worry about disappointing you when it doesn’t happen.

If, by some miracle, Microsoft does announce something substantial, what do you think it would be? Maybe a Japanese Xbox 360 price drop? A new big title? Or will it be something funny, like a Japanese version of Xbox Originals.

Dale North