Japan still finds the PSP useful — improved GPS functionality

Digital World Tokyo brings word about some updated PSP software called Everybody’s Map 2. The software works with a GPS dongle that’s available for somewhere around 5,000 yen ($41 USD), and costs 50,040 yen on top of that. It’ll allow you to create a street-level map of where you’re at.

Everybody’s Map 2, as the package is quaintly called, allows note-taking and wireless map-sharing through a service called PetaMap. The latter is a collaborative tool that lets users share points of interest through a central server and apply them to their own personalized maps if they wish. Users can also create guides to, for example, the best cafes in Tokyo, or download existing ones on particular themes.

The system also gives you information as to what’s nearby, so you can find the nearest butler cafe or doujinshi shop. On top of that, the software also gives information about local car rental rates, local bars and alcohol shops, along with movie theatres, hotels, and I wouldn’t put it past them to include prostitute rates. Japan is just that efficent.

Personally, I think this is pretty nice. It’d be a good use for my PSP whenever I get around to buying one and I’m in Japan. I mean, it’s hard throwing down 10,000 yen for this, but it would be worth it if it saves me in multiple situations. I don’t think this is implemented, but being able to read submitted reviews of places would be a great addition.

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