Japan loves PSP, Xbox 360 sales improving

The latest Media Create data shows that Sony’s PlayStation Portable still tops sales charts in Japan. Sony seems to be enjoying continued success from the popularity of Square-Enix’s Crisis Core as well as from the recent console redesign. The Xbox 360 is getting noticed, but not necessarily “making waves.”

Over 100,000 PSPs were sold in Japan last week, which is down from the almost 280,000 sold the week before (the same week that Crisis Core sold about a half a million copies), but still well above sales numbers of weeks before the redesign. The Nintendo DS still sells strongly, this week with just under 73,000 units sold, but hasn’t held the top spot for some time.

Recent headlines would have you believe that Halo 3 is changing the face of Japanese gaming, and while I wouldn’t go that far, it seems like the title is finally moving consoles. As far as sales charts go, the Xbox 360 is still trailing near the end of the list, but numbers this week reached over 5,000 units sold — way better than the usual recent weeks of 1,000 to 2,000 units. It is an improvement for the Japanese market, but even the PS3 has consistently outsold the Xbox 360, many weeks selling five times as many consoles.   

[via GamesIndustry — thanks, Justin]

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