Japan last week: PSP sold 35,734, PSPgo sold 608

The PSP was the best selling system in Japan last week. Kind of. According to the Media Create (found on Edge) sales numbers, Sony continues to beat out Nintendo in both portables and consoles, with the PSP selling 35,734 systems and the PS3 selling 33, 057 systems for the week of August 15th. But, if you take all the various DS systems and group them together, well…of course they’re going to be on top.

Again, like last week, the release of Sengoku Basara 3 and Project Diva 2nd for Sony’s systems helped move things along. But unlike the hardware charts, Nintendo tops software sales with Wii Party, which moved 124k units.

Oh, but the poor PSPgo is getting no love. I’ve been surprised by the adoption there. I thought Japan would be all over the smaller form factor. And maybe they are. Maybe it’s the stupid pricing. Maybe it’s the disgusting placement of the power slider, which has you accidentally shutting off games when the action gets hot.

Hit the jump for the full hardware sales chart from Japan.

   1. PSP – 35,734 (30,397)
   2. PS3 – 33,057 (28,630)
   3. DSi LL –  27,923 (21,018)
   4. Wii – 25,072 (18,238)
   5. DSi – 24,850 (18,318)
   6. Xbox 360 – 5,065 (5,639)
   7. DS Lite – 4,809 (4,372)
   8. PS2 – 1,675 (1,524)
   9. PSPgo – 608 (708)

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