Japan is running a Celebi and Zarude giveaway for Pokemon Sword and Shield

For the July film

A few weeks ago Game Freak unveiled its newest mythical Pokemon to the world: Zarude. It’s a dark/grass “Rogue Monkey” hybrid, and it’s going to be heavily featured in the next film, Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Speaking of…

Based on a tweet from The Pokemon Company’s Japan branch, a special promo is going to be ran in tandem with the release of the film. If you buy an advance ticket for Coco, which debuts on July 10, you’ll net a free shiny Celebi and a Zarude creature for Sword and Shield. Both of them will debut at separate times: the former on April 17 and the latter on June 15.

As a note, that June 15 release for Zarude is important, as it could inform its western release. As of the time of publication we still don’t know if it’s going to be a seamless Mystery Gift reward or a GameStop in-store promotion. If you reside in Japan and want to know more about the giveaway, you can find it here. Everyone else will have to wait for more info on how to obtain Zarude.

Pokemon Company Japan [Twitter]

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